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Shop Policies

Article 10.5 The Lead Battery Recycling Act of 2016

This dealer is required by law to charge a nonrefundable $1.00 California battery fee and a refundable deposit for each lead-acid battery purchased. A credit of the same amount as the refundable deposit for each lead-acid battery is returned at the time of purchase or up to 45 days later along with this dealer's receipt. We ask that if any disputes should arise regarding this repair, they be brought to the facility's attention immediately so a resolution can be reached. 

Notice Regarding Credit Processing Fees

All credit card charges of $5000 or more will be subject to a 2% transaction fee. This fee can be avoided by the use of cash, check, or cashier's check at the time of payment.  


Notice Regarding Repair Authorizations

When a vehicle is dropped off and the initial estimate is presented, whomever the signee of the estimate at that time is the only person who can authorize repairs on the vehicle regardless of who the account holder is. A designation of person to authorize additional work or parts form must be signed in order to add additional persons to the list of authorized personal to agree to additional charges. 


Notice Regarding Vehicle Registration

All vehicles left on our facility must have current DMV registration and valid insurance. Proof of these occurrences may be asked of the customer upon release of the vehicle to us.


Notice Regarding Self-Supplied Parts

We do not accept customer supplied parts unless under very rare occurances that have been verified by the manager. We do not provide warranties, of any kind, on parts that are supplied by the customer. The customer is responsible for any defects or further complications due to the part they provided. We will not honor any reimbursement on labor or sublet charges incurred that involve the use of customer supplied parts. We do not provide advice of information regarding which parts to independently order. We do not provide refunds on work completed with customer supplied parts. 


Notice Regarding Estimates

All estimates are guaranteed for (30) thirty days after they are issued. We will not honor parts or labor estimates that are over this 30 day period. These estimates are required to be written in order to be effective to this rule. All verbal estimates that are not entered onto the customer's account are not subject to a 30 day limitation and are in no way enforceable once said. 


Storage Fees & Lien Sales

Once you have been notified that your vehicle is ready to be picked up and it has remained on our property and in our possession after (3) three business days, a storage fee of $50.00 per day will be accrued toward the customer's outstanding bill. If the vehicle remains on our property and the bill remains outstanding after (7) seven days, a notice to file a vehicle lien will be placed against said vehicle and sold to recover the cost to the facility. 


Fuel Charges

We ask that your vehicle be dropped off with a minimum half tank of gas of fuel for test drives. In the event that the vehicle cannot be test driven due to lack of fuel, there will be an additional $5.00 service fee in addition to the cost of fuel applied to the final invoice. 


Returned Check Policy

All returned checks will be subjected to a $25.00 service charge. If the matter does not get resolved within (7) seven business days, legal papers will be filed to collections for payment. Therein we will no longer accept checks from the original signer. All checks must match the ID of the person picking up the vehicle, and information on said ID will be written on the check itself. 


Notice Regarding Credit Card Processing

We do not accept credit card authorization or information over the phone due to security reasons. We will not key-in credit card numbers. If your credit card does not swipe properly, we require a different form of payment. We ask that you have your ID card ready and accessible for all transactions. We will not accept the credit card if the name on the card and ID do not match. We will accept a formal credit authorization form if the paperwork is fully completed and sent to us electronically. All documents are shredded after credit approval. 


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