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Mechanic Fixing Car
Better safe, Better Informed

Why should I get an inspection?

If you've ever been on a trip and ended up on the side of the road, then you know all too well why getting a quick check up is important. If you're heading out of town, the last thing you need is a hose coming lose and leaving you stranded on a freeway in Tuscaloosa. 

Can I see what they found?

Absolutely! Our technicians perform the safety inspections via tablet integrated software. The results are then sent to our service writer who reviews the technician's recommendations and then sends you the stylized report card to either your phone or email!

What happens if something needs repair?

If we see something that needs to be fixed, we'll let you know immediately. Things like brakes, tires, lights, and hoses are definite safety issues that we don't recommend going without. These repairs can usually happen in the same day, permitting parts and time availability. 

What if I have multiple known issues? Will this cover a diagnostic for everything?

This inspection is merely that, an inspection. This procedure is not a formal diagnostic of any system or subsystem. If the vehicle has known issues in multiple systems, this inspection will merely confirm that there is in a fact a problem present. If you are looking for an actual determination of failure or replacement cost of a subsystem you will need to make an appointment for the specific problem you are experiencing.

Multi-Point Visual Safety Inspection Includes;


Under Car

Front/ Rear Tire Tread/Damage/Pressure

Front/ Rear Brake Pad Measurement

Front suspension & steering visible wear/tear/abnormalities

Visible fluid leaks

Rear suspension wear/tear/abnormalities

Gravel shield adhesion/debris/damage


In & Out

Horn Operation

Visible Dash Warning Lights, if any

Brake Light Operation

Headlight Operation

Turn Signals/ Hazards

Fog Light Operation, if any

Seatbelt Operation

Wiper Blades/Operation


Under Hood

Visible fluid leaks

Reservoir levels/abnormalities

Visible hoses & belts

Battery debris/connections

This inspection includes a light test drive [under 1 mile] for any obvious noises or abnormalities as well as a scheduled maintenance review through your service writer.


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